A case study based in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Hanos keylockermanagement

Encounters the challenge of effecting seamless supply chain

Every customer or employee has access to it's own key.
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Our vision on the project

Challenge: HANOS faces the challenge of ensuring secure and seamless supply chain operations for its diverse clientele, spanning operational hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The pivotal solution involves the strategic management of customer location keys, entrusted to HANOS drivers during their assigned routes. This approach, while efficient, demands a careful tracking system to ascertain the precise status of each key in the possession of the drivers.

Solution: In response to HANOS’s logistical challenge, Ident2be has engineered a bespoke solution that aligns seamlessly with the organizational requirements. The selected infrastructure includes state-of-the-art electronic key cabinets sourced from Ecos systems, with a localized software installation housed within HANOS’s dedicated data center. Strategically positioned within the logistics office of each branch, these key cabinets facilitate a safe and streamlined process, allowing drivers to expeditiously retrieve essential keys subsequent to receiving their route assignments. Self-identification with access cards at the key cabinets ensures a secure and efficient access protocol.

The onboarding process for new personnel is streamlined, with individuals effortlessly registering by means of a personalized pin code during their initial enrollment. Subsequent registration of their access cards is facilitated by a straightforward presentation process. This integrated approach obviates the need for additional equipment, ensuring a unified access card for both building ingress and access to the key cabinet.

The implementation of stringent controls over key retrieval and return processes has yielded tangible benefits in terms of organizational governance. Consequently, clients entrust HANOS with the secure access to their premises, enabling HANOS to uphold its commitment to delivering goods directly to the culinary heart of each establishment.

Added Value of Ident2be: Ident2be’s integration and implementation of the entire system cater to a comprehensible user experience for all. All drivers, customers, facility managers, stakeholders, and IT specialists can easily, efficiently, and securely engage with this system.

Our commitment to delivering the best quality key cabinets in a digital system is centered around HANOS’s specific situation. We didn’t just deliver this project; we provided a quick and efficient process tailored to their requirements, ensuring that every aspect met the high standards in the industry.

Quality & Service: With Ident2be you can count on a harmonious blend of consistent quality and reliable service, ensuring a safe project that facilitates your unique preferences and exceeds your expectations.

Certification: Ident2be works, where applicable, exclusively with suppliers holding NEN ISO 27001 status. ESCROW deposit is possible. The procedure for NEN 9001 certification has been initiated.

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