A case study based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

A new building

Within 14 days fully managed with a new control system

Within 14 days to go, the new owner of a multi-tenant commercial building needed to implement an access control system.
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Our vision on the project

Problem: After the takeover by the new owner, there were only 14 days available to renew the access control system. It was crucial to deny access to former tenants (as many old, unknown access passes were still in circulation) and at the same time provide access passes to the new tenants.

Solution: By reusing existing hardware and combining it with a straightforward pass issuance process in the new Ident2be environment with an easy-to-use interface, a swift and effective solution was implemented. The introduction of Virtual IDs eliminated the need for physical pass distribution. This ensures that there are no longer issues with the timing and issuance of authorizations. Virtual IDs are always readily available and can be easily displayed on the user’s phone as designated by the tenant, with their own recognizability.

Implementation: The speed at which the new system was implemented—from the initial conversation on July 14, 2023, to the actual deployment on August 1, 2023—is remarkable. Within two weeks, a thorough analysis of needs was conducted, existing hardware resources were used, and a new interface was developed. This not only demonstrates the efficiency and decisiveness of the team involved but also their adaptability in responding quickly and effectively to urgent business requirements. This rapid implementation timeline is a testament to dedication, collaboration, and technical proficiency, making the project exceptional in terms of timeliness and effectiveness.

Future: Expansion possibilities can be easily added, extending to other buildings as well.

Certification: Ident2be works exclusively with suppliers that have NEN ISO 27001 status, where applicable. ESCROW certification is possible. The NEN 9001 procedure has been initiated.

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