A case study based in The Netherlands.

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With 1400 park movements a day

A labor-intensive parking system with wait times at the gate and an overloaded reception cried out for a different approach.

Our vision on the project

Problem: A large parking lot with 1,400 movements per day. These movements include free access for short-term parking, paid parking for long-term parking, and special arrangements for tenants. During peak times, this caused congestion at the barrier and a lot of work for the reception. Sometimes the barrier was raised during peak times, resulting in a loss of access control and revenue.

Solution: An automated entry procedure was chosen for the barrier system, requiring no user interaction. The system detects incoming vehicles and opens the barrier automatically. Even when vehicles arrive in quick succession, the arrival time is accurately recorded. This significantly speeds up access for visitors and tenants. Even during peak times, there are no longer queues at the barrier.

Tenants are registered in the system, allowing them access not only to the parking lot but also to the spaces they rent in the building without additional actions. Visitors can be registered by the tenants, who then receive an exit card via email. A visitor can also obtain an exit card from the tenant who invited them.

Upon departure, the barrier automatically opens for short-term parkers and tenants. For long-term parkers, the amount due is displayed on the screen at the barrier. Payment can be made with the exit card, the QR code from the email, the tenant pass, or a bank card. After payment, the barrier opens automatically. In case of questions, the barrier can be opened remotely.

The system automatically generates a report showing who parked, how long it lasted, and the revenues.

Implementation: The investment in this system has already more than paid for itself, even with the free short-term parking option. The reception is no longer occupied with parking but now has more time to support tenants and visitors. The implementation went quickly, and the instructions were completed within 10 minutes. The combination of access control and parking management has made the experience even more pleasant for our tenants. With just one card or mobile phone, you can manage both parking and access.

Future: Ident2be is a user-friendly platform; operation is simple, and expansion options can easily be added. For example, with meeting room management, follow-me printing, or network access. Integration with existing (access) systems is also possible, even across multiple buildings. This not only saves time during implementation but also money, as we make the most use of what is already available in buildings.

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