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Ident2be's SAAS/monthly subscription solution is significantly cheaper than purchasing and maintaining hardware, along with the associated software.

Ident2be ensures robust security measures, safeguarding data and systems against potential breaches that might be overlooked in self-managed setups.

Yes, with IDent2be, updates, maintenance, and issue resolution occur seamlessly in the background, minimizing disruptions and saving valuable time compared to self-management.

Ident2be's subscription covers a wide range of services, including software updates, data backups, and continuous support, relieving customers of the burden of managing multiple aspects themselves.

Yes, IDent2be's modular and customizable software ensures compatibility with evolving needs, providing a future-proof solution for businesses.


By choosing IDent2be's SAAS/monthly subscription solution, businesses can enjoy cost savings, enhanced security, operational efficiency, comprehensive services, and a future-proof solution, fostering a strong and reliable partnership.

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The customer registration system allows individuals to sign up for services, events, or memberships by providing their personal information through an online portal or at a designated registration desk.

Parking systems streamline the management of parking spaces by automating entry and exit procedures, assigning parking permits, and providing real-time occupancy information to optimize space utilization.

A room access system controls access to designated rooms or areas within a facility by using keycards, biometric scanners, or PIN codes to grant entry only to authorized individuals.

Meeting room reservation systems allow users to check the availability of meeting rooms, schedule bookings, and manage reservations efficiently through an online platform or mobile app.

Visitor registration systems collect and store visitor information, including name, contact details, and purpose of visit, to ensure security and facilitate check-in processes at the facility.

A sport access system manages access to sports facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, or sports fields by verifying membership status, scheduling sessions, and monitoring usage.

Key management systems track the issuance, usage, and return of keys, ensuring accountability and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive areas or equipment.

Internet access is provided through Wi-Fi networks or wired connections, with login credentials or guest access options available for visitors and employees.

Employee access systems use badges, keycards, or biometric identification to grant entry to employees based on their role, schedule, or clearance level.

Inventory management involves tracking and controlling the flow of goods or materials within a facility to optimize stock levels, minimize costs, and ensure efficient operations.

Payment systems accept various forms of payment, including cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, or online transactions, depending on the facility's preferences and capabilities.

Locker management systems allocate, monitor, and secure locker usage by assigning locker numbers, managing access codes, and tracking occupancy status.

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