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Get ready to transform your facility management with our one-of-a-kind SaaS solution! Picture a versatile platform that’s tailor-made to tackle all your challenges head-on, making everything smoother and more efficient than ever before.

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
Leonard Monderman - owner
Leonard Monderman


Elvire Roovers - manager
Elvire Roovers

Director Real Estate

Rahaf Ident2be
Rahaf Hamada

Front end developer

Dmytro Plotnikov-Project Leader
Dmytro Plotnikov

Project Leader

Dmytro Dmitriev-BackEnd-Embedded Developer
Dmytro Dmitriev

Back end developer

Roman Korniychuk-Back End Developer
Roman Korniychuk

Back end developer

Serhii Unharov-ci_cd developer
Serhii Unharov

CI_CD Developer

Vitaliy Kyrychenko-Sr. Back End Devceloper
Vitaly Kyrychenko

Sr Back End Developer

Karin Ident2be
Karin Doornenbal


Danylo Venhreniuk-Lead Designer
Danylo Venhreniuk

Lead Designer

Kateryna Zvonenko-Junior Designer
Kateryna Zvonenko

Junior Designer

Leonie Veenstra - Marketing Specialist
Leonie Veenstra

Marketing Manager

Lisa Zonnevylle content creator
Lisa Zonnevylle

Content creator

Justin Slok webdesigner, graphic designer, baylab.nl
Justin Slok

Web developer

Soon to be announced


Soon to be announced


Room Access System

Room Reservation

Visitor Registration

Sport Access System

Key Management

Internet Access

Employee Access

Remote Management

Payment Systems

Locker Management

Parking Registration

Customer Registration