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Management platform for real estate and valuables

Together with partners, we unburden building owners and office/workplace landlords with the digitisation of their multi tenant buildings and valuable assets. Smart, safe and efficient. 

We open your world and your doors. But we also ensure that authorisation, access rights and technical systems are managed and monitored. And all through one stable and proven platform.

Netwerklunch voor Gebouwbeheerders

Voor wie?

Wij zouden graag samen met gebouwbeheerders tijdens een lunch van gedachten wisselen over efficieny in jullie ondernemening en flexibiliteit voor jullie klanten. Hybride werken, huurders op maat bedienen, maar wel met 1 schaalbaar systeem…, hoe bied je maatwerk maar houd je het voor jezelf gemakkelijk? En hoe kunnen wij helpen om je redement per M2 omhoog te brengen? Het is net werk en samen werkt beter.

Je bent van harte welkom!

Wat krijg je tijdens deze netwerklunch

  • Een heerlijke lunch
  • Een presentatie van Leonard Monderman met zijn
    visie over hoe je gebouwbeheer efficiënt kunt
  • Een mooi gesprek over jouw werk
  • De kans om nieuwe gelijkgestemde mensen te
    ontmoeten om jouw netwerk te vergroten

Waar en wanneer

Waar: Zones, Tielweg 3 2803 PK Gouda

Wanneer: Woensdag 21 juni

Tijd: 11.30 – 13.30 uur

Investering: Jouw tijd en openheid

Aanmelden kan via onderstaand formulier of via: of 030 88 0 44 00

Wie is Leonard Monderman?

Als klein jongetje ontmantelde hij al rekenmachines en op
zijn 11e begon hij met zijn eerste eigen ICT-bedrijfje. Met
inmiddels 40 jaar ervaring in de IT en gebouwbeheer kent
Leonard als geen ander de uitdagingen die er liggen in deze
wereld. Inmiddels heeft hij zijn eigen platform ontwikkeld
die zich volledig richt op een efficiënt en gastvrij beheer van
gebouwen. Een platform die symbool staat voor Leonard
als persoon. Een sociale techneut.

A platform as a world wide plug

What is the advantage of a world power plug? Exactly, it always fits! That's also the how the hardware and software are conneted with platform Ident2be.

All functionalities are brought together in one user-friendly platform so that everything connects and works together seamlessly. This is how we keep it really simple. 

Our Customers

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What is the platform doing for you?

Het laat al jouw apparaten en systemen samenwerken zodat jij niets meer handmatig hoeft te doen. Zelfs over meerdere gebouwen tegelijk. Online beheer en monitor jij alles. Via je laptop, tablet of smartphone, vanuit thuis of onderweg; wherever and whenever you like. 

What functionalities does the platform have?

We have several functionalities and many integration options. Just what you need.  

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  • Id. & accesmanagement
  • Access control
  • Elevator control
  • Visitor registration
  • Presence recording
  • Time recording 
  • Network access
  • Payment system
  • Key cabinets
  • Locker management
  • Meldingsysteem
  • Integration


  • Id. & accesmanagement 
    This identifies visitors and regulates who, what and when is allowed access to something. Your customer experiences optimal hospitality and you arrange it easily and quickly from the platform.  

  • Access control 
    This will enable you to open anything with a passage and lock on it, from door to barrier. Efficient for you and a welcoming experience for your visitor or employee. Access is controlled digitally with a QR code on the phone, a pass or a drop. This means no more replacing cylinders if someone loses a key, because you simply block them.  
  • Elevator control 
    With this, you give visitors access to the elevator and the floors you want. 

Functionalities continued

  • Visitor registration 
    Automatic visitor registration, who is present in the building. This makes A4 sheets on the reception desk history.


  • Presence recording  
    This gives you insight into who is present where and when. Sometimes legally required, for instance when it comes to FAFS officers present. But sometimes also useful. For example, to know who was present, regarding the rental of rooms. 


    With attendance registration, you can also set up zoning. This means that people have to travel a certain route before being allowed into a room. This might be necessary in IT departments, for example, because of security or in hospitals because of hygiene measures.   

  • Time recording
    This measures the duration of someone's presence. This is used, for example, for payment of salaries or rental of rooms.

Functionalities continued

  • Network access  
    Using the platform, you allow visitors easy access to the network. You decide who accesses which part of the network and can thus have what speed. For the technicians: Your radius server links to Ident2be. That means you don't have to bother the IT department every time you have a new employee or guest to access the network. For example: as soon as your employee is in your HR system, network access is automatically arranged.
  • Payment system  
    Enables you to let visitors pay. With a bank card or on account. You can think of anything. From coffee to parking, from rent to food and from access to an attraction to toilet use. 
Ident2be is exclusive dealer of

Functionalities continued

  • Key cabinets
    Control over keys. It enables you to know exactly who took which key when. 


  • Locker management
    Control with lockers. A secure, smart locker for valuables. Allows you to know exactly what and how much is in which locker and who took what. They are used to manage, for example, cameras, laptops, guns, PDAs you name it. Anything that has value in material or in your business process. You control access with a QR code on your phone, a pass or a drop. The same one you use to control access.
  • Meldingsysteem
    Sometimes convenient to have this functionality as well. Users can easily post their complaints or queries here. And you easily manage them online.  
  • Integration 
    We have many integration options; from HRM and CRM systems to various financial administration programmes. Just what you need. financiële administratie programma’s. Net waar jij behoefte aan hebt. 

Happy stories

“Ident2be should be nominated for service of the year. Ident2be has got everything I need. Just what I was looking for.”

Evelyn Jimenez


“Ident2be was the best investment I ever made.”

Debra Peters


“I couldn't have asked for more than this. Thanks to Ident2be, we've just launched our 5th product!”

Mark Martinez



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