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Together with partners, we relieve building owners, office and workplace landlords of the burden by digitising their multi tenant buildings. Smart, safe and efficient. 

We open your world and your doors. But we also ensure that authorisation, access rights and technical systems are managed and monitored. And all through one stable and proven platform. 

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Harmony within your organisation

Do you manage multi-tenant buildings or multiple offices? And do you want to digitally manage, maintain and monitor the common functions in your building? Ident2be makes this a reality! Ident2be makes the systems within buildings and organisations work together harmoniously so that you no longer have to do this manually. It's so nice.

More than just access control

Do your multi-tenant buildings need even more than just an access control system? No problem! At Ident2be, you can also get security, payment, building management and facility management, among other things. So we make sure you really have everything in one platform.


Accessible anywhere, anytime

With Ident2be, different devices and functions are used centrally, managed online and monitored from a single system. This ensures you have access to and insight into your systems anytime, anywhere. Via your laptop, tablet or smartphone and from the comfort of your home or wherever and whenever you want.

Integration with multiple systems possible

Do you use multiple systems from different companies? Absolutely fine! This is because Ident2be brings together information and functionalities from various systems. As a result, we can offer a wide range of integration options; from HRM systems and CRM systems to various financial administration programmes.

The information from the integrated systems is combined and the functionalities are brought together in one dashboard so that everything fits together and works seamlessly. And all with a user-friendly interface. That's how we keep it really simple.

one platform, numerous possibilities

We offer several in-house solutions. inhouse However, by combining equipment from different suppliers and reusing well-functioning existing equipment, you are not only being smart and sustainable; it also ensures optimal use of resources.

By making different devices work together, we create combinations that really work together. From ensuring physical access to buildings and car parks to checkout in the company canteen and even getting the right network (VLAN) when logging in with a laptop. We show that it can be done so that both you as an administrator and your end-users can benefit.

Would you like to know more about our approach, possible savings or solution, even if not listed below? Then contact us! In a short conversation or on-site visit at one of our customers, we will be happy to show you what we can do for you.

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“Ident2be should be nominated for service of the year. Ident2be has got everything I need. Just what I was looking for.”

Evelyn Jimenez


“Ident2be was the best investment I ever made.”

Debra Peters


“I couldn't have asked for more than this. Thanks to Ident2be, we've just launched our 5th product!”

Mark Martinez



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